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Great tango personality, basically as bandoneon player and composer.
Born in the rapidly growing Buenos Aires at the beginning of the century, he spent his childhood in Villa Crespo neighborhood where co-existed, in colorful social contrast, native compadritos and malevos (tough people) and Spanish, Italian, Jewish, Arab and Turkish immigrants.
Julio De Caro who was then introducing revolutionary changes in the tango style.In 1926, as a result of disagreements within the group, Maffia left and thus Laurenz became the first bandoneon player.A major step in his career was his participation, in 1925, in the sextet of the violinist.His production with the Victor company until 1943 included 15 -78 RPM records, and then a similar number with Odeon between 19Then he would record with Pampa and Microfón companies.His first outstanding performances were with the today forgotten orchestra regalos novios ripley directed by the pianist Luis Casanovas in which also played, standing at his back, two violinists who would then become famous: Edgardo Donato (the composer of, a media luz ) and, roberto Zerrillo.Julián, Buen amigo, and, sonsa, and the foxtrot Titina.As from 1960, Laurenz formed part of the famous Quinteto Real a group of great soloists, such as Horacio Salgán (piano Enrique Francini (violin Ubaldo De Lío (guitar) and Rafael Ferro (double bass).No se ha podido encontrar el articulo que has elegido.They recorded for Phillips and Columbia, in an attempt to make tango re-flourish with a bold cuanto gana en promedio un arquitecto renewal in rhythm.Loose; ( en grandes cantidades ) to buy/sell.Pedro Maffia a man of calm mood, unlike Laurenz'.
Eduardo Arolas for some, the greatest composer ever given by the tango at the cabaret Moulin Rouge.
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