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Strengths: Cloud integration (automating provisioning and configuration of new instances in one fell swoop).
The summit had three parts: 4 presentations; a panel session; and a mini BarCamp with 6 presentations.Weaknesses: Its hard to get started because there is a lot to learn.Strengths: Reporting system and debugging.Simple and human-readable DSL gives safety at cost of flexibility.(New set of documentation is coming out now, but still weak in examples.) Sharing policies between sites is not easy; group names need to be standardized first.(But reports will always tell you what succeeded and what failed.Strengths: Large community of users (over 2000 users on the Puppet mailing list).Also has a healthy paranoid quien regala coche streak and an impressive security record (only 3 serious vulnerabilities in 17 years).Lightweight on the node.So many choices can bewilder a sysadmin searching for a CM tool.Automation of system administration is a must to handle the deluge; else swarms of sysadmins would be needed to handle all these systems.
Going from organization to organization, it is a challenge for a new sysadmin to learn: how is the system setup, why was it setup that way, how it needs to be setup to keep operating, how to set it up that way again in case.I will attempt to compare and contrast the 4 tools; however using any robust configuration management tool, with discipline, is better cupones orlando miami than administering systems manually.Page cannot be displayed.And order can be mandated if order is required.).The summit brought together developers, power users and new adopters.system administration is a relatively new profession, without a standard curriculum, so practitioners have different philosophies and practices.Chef : Has its origins in Ruby-on-Rails world in the cloud.The panel session was quite lively.

Please contact your service provider for more details.
Reusable policy cookbooks and highest degree of recipe reuse amongst its users amongst the four tools.